Feature - First Information Report

English Translation of
F.I.R. of Indira Gandhi Assassination case - 1984

Police Station : Tughlak Road District : New Delhi
No.: 241 Date and hour of occurence : 31.10. 1984 / 9.10 a.m.


1 Date and hour when reported DD No. 6A dt 31.10.84 at 11.25 a.m.
2 Name and residence of informant or complainant Head Constable Narayan Singh 527/Security and Inspector Rajendra Parkash, Crime Branch
3 Brief description of offence (with section) and of property carried off, if any u/s 307/120 - B, I.P.C. and 25, 27/54/59 Arms act.
4 Place of occurence and distance and direction from Police Station T.M.C. gate P.M. House No. 1, Safdar Jung Road, New Delhi about 12.00 noon
5 Name and address of the criminal
6 Steps taken regarding investigation explanation of delay in recording information Special messenger
7 Date and time of depatch from Police Station

Statement of Head Constable Narayan Singh, s/o Shri Bagh Singh, No. 527 / Security resident of Village Akhori Police Station Okhi Nath, Disrict Chamoli, U.P. aged 35 years.

I am a resident of the above address and in Delhi I stay at 25, Ashoka Lines.  I am posted as a Head Constable at the Prime Minister's house since 1980.  I am with the Isolation Cordon.  Today also I was posted at the same place and was doing the 7.30 a.m. to 8.45 a.m.  shift in the porch.   The Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi had to meet an Irish delegation at 9.00 a.m. at 1, Akbar Road and I was standing in front of the pantry in this connection only.  At around 9.10 a.m. Mrs Gandhi along with Mr. R.K. Dhawan, S.A. to P.M. of India came out and started walking towards 1, Akbar Road to meet the delegation.  I started walking with her, umbrella in my hands trying to shelter her from the sun.  Apart from us, Nathuram, personal attendant to the Prime Minister was also present. When we were approximately ten feet away from the entrances of 1, Safdarjung Road and 1,  Akbar Road, I saw Sardar Beant Singh at T.M.C. Gate Duty.  Alongwith him in the orange coloured booth was Constable Satwant Singh,  in uniform carrying a sten gun in his hands.  The moment Mrs Gandhi reached the booth, Beant Singh drew his government revolver from his right side and started firing at Mrs Gandhi.  While he was firing at her, Constable Satwant Singh started firing at her from his sten gun too.  Mrs Gandhi was injured in the front portion of her body by the shots and fell down on the ground.  Even Assistant Sub-Inspector Rameshwar Dayal got injured in the firing.  I threw away the umbrella. Beant Singh and Satwant Singh were apprehended by Mr. B K Bhatt, Assistant Commissioner of Police and personal security officer alongwith the men of Indo Tibetan Border Police and myself.  Their weapons fell down from their hands.  Then I went to call Dr R Opeh.  In the meanwhile a car and a Docotor had reached the spot and Mrs Gandhi was rushed to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and admitted.  This incident was witnessed by Mr D K Bhatt, Mr R K Dhawan, Nathu Ram Lawang Sherpa (Sore man), Sub Inspector Ramjee Lal and Rameshwar Dayal.   The two had conspired to kill Mrs Gandhi.  I learnt that they had also been injured by the firing of the  I T BP officers.  Legal action may be initiated against them.   Statement heard.  Correct.


Narayan Singh / 31.10.1984


Rajendra Prakash, Inspector / 31.10.1984
PS Tughlak Road.

From the contents of above statement an offence under section 307/120B/IPC & 25, 27/54/59 Arms Act has been committed, under instruction of senior officers I reached AIIMS where Head Constable Narayan Singh made the above statement.  The complaint is forwarded through Sub-Inspector Vir Singh of Police Station Tughlak Road, who had also come to the hospital in connection with Daily Diary No. 5 A dated 31.10.1984 Police Station Tughlak Road. Please register a case and send the file to me for investigation, place of occurence T.M.C. gate, Prime Minister's house, time of occurence 9.10 a.m./31.10.1984 time of sending complaint 11.00 a.m./ 31.10.1984.

Inspector Rajender Prakash,
Crime Branch 31.10.1984

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