This award symbolizes the strength of the Indian family.  It is the story of grit and determination of a Mother.  Having given birth to four daughters, she took upon herself the task of bringing them up as fearless and courageous children and contribute constructively to the society.  She was one of those mothers who did not feel deterred when her larger family and society, except her husband, considered them as a liability.  For her, children always came first.  She instilled in them a sense of confidence in being righteous and dutiful.  For her, duty was “Dharma”.  She taught them to work hard and never give up to achieve the goals.


She was an active member of the Red Cross Society at Amritsar.  She was helpful to anyone who was in need and came in contact with her.  She offered them all possible help of wise counsel and practical support. She mobilized resources by bringing people together, extended help and support to the needy.


The family members of Smt. Premlata Peshawaria have instituted this award to perpetuate the strength of Indian Mother, fostering cohesion in the family and upholding the social values that are crucial for healthy community living.





This year, Smt. Premlata Peshawaria award is given away to PRRIVAAR, (the National Federation of Parents Associations for Persons with Mental Handicap/Mental Retardation, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabilities) for the outstanding contribution made in mobilizing and strengthening the parents and the families of persons with mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.


PARIVAAR in a short span of seven years have been striving to unite the parents, uphold social values for a healthy community living, protect and promote the rights of persons with the above disabilities to enable them to join the mainstream of society.


Dr. Kiran Bedi, I.P.S                                                                Dr. Reeta Peshawaria


Dr. D. K. Menon                                                                      Mr. Gaurav Menon



BANGALORE                                                                                                16.11.2002