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  • Subdivisional Police Officer Chanakya puri  Subdivision.
  • This posting comprised of New Delhi Area of  PM house, the Rashtrapathi Bhawan, Lutyens Delhi, key Government of India Offices and Of Ministers and Very Important Persons.
  • Worked as Deputy Inspector General ( Range) during the time of tail end of insurgency still prevalent in Mizoram.
  • Introduced needed police reforms in the State such as collaborative people-police anti drug trafficking measures to check flow of contraband! 
  • Worked as Inspector General Prisons of Tihar, with an inmate population of over 9700 in 1993.
  • Men, women, and even children who accompanied their mothers, on request.
  • This positing was marked by pathbreaking prison reforms by introduction of literacy, computer skills, yoga, meditation, feedback boxes, NGOs, and plenty
  • This position was an opportunity to enable open up the Lt Governor's office to the common man in Delhi.  
  • Responsive Grievance systems were set up from LG's office for the first time ever functions round the clock.
  • This posting got the benefit of all the years of experience in policing.
  • Within a fortnight of its responsibility all round policing measures were in place such as beat policing, working with women  NGOs  to respond to crimes against women, withdrawal of police men and women from unauthorised and unproductive duties etc.
  • This posting marked the drafting of a much needed training policy with publications of work books authored by teaching police officers themselves.
  • Shortage of many teachers was overcome by use of multimedia and use of Technology for the first time in any police training institute in India.
  • This position came through world wide selection.
  • It meant heading the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) mandated by Security Council  to initiate, restore or strengthen policing and rule of law in countries such as Liberia, Somalia, Congo, Cyprus, Sierra Leone, IvoryCoast, Kosovo
  • This position marked the revival of an institution which was for civil aid to Government.
  • It was full of internal inadequacies which were ironed out and brought to some health.
  • See the relinquishing note to know what all was achieved or despite poorest resources. 
  • This was the last posting of the IPS career.
  • It was yet another starved organisation which was lying dormant despite its ambitious charter.
  • It saw it revival by BPRD by bringing it under planned funds and co-opting with many academic institutions for collaborative work.
  • It finally got a functioning website to become accessible to the world. 

Lieutenant Governor (LG ) of Puducherry- 29 May 2016


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