District Policing

Kiran’s district police assignments at the West and North District of Delhi Police, confirmed her as a police officer who believes and practices —Participative policingCommunity policing, Transparent policing, Preventive policingCorrective policingReformative policingInnovative policing,Resourceful policingSensitive policingTough policing (Akali agitationLawyer's agitation )Motivating policing and Systematic policing which does not lose sight of the basics.

During these tenures, crime fell, people participated and even contributed,criminals came on the mend, reform houses were institutionalized, community policing was visible and known all around. She brought in all sections of society into policing, including women who tend to remain away. They formed peace committees to prevent communal riots and crimes against women. These tenures revealed Kiran as a Police Reformer and a friend of the people. These years became the precursors for her prison reforms, which came many years later.

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