IGP Chandigarh

Speaking to Chandigarh Police
Kiran Bedi on her first day with Chandigarh Police

Chandigarh is a beautiful city, a capital of two states i.e. Haryana and Punjab, and also a Union Territory. This is where Kiran got posted as the Inspector General of Police of the city. Having been a Postgraduate student there at the Punjab University, she knew the city by heart. The people of the city had great fondness for her, for she had been a known tennis player and an out standing student. As a police officer there was total admiration for her. People warmed up to her in no time, and she, to the city policing. Within the 41 days of her posting there (the shortest stint she has ever done), she put the city in order. She brought back the police men from duties outside, strengthened the police stations, re-instituted the beat systemstarted visiting the police stations herself at 9 a.m. daily herself, got thecranes to stream line traffic flow,   toughened traffic enforcementremoved encroachments from the roads, got people involved in policing, invited student participation, strengthened policing in the slums and the weaker sections of the society, improved police welfare, streamlined the police control room response systems, got all women police officers back to the police stations and got all NGOs of the city dealing with women and child issues participate in crime prevention.

All this and many more.

She left the city due to the mal-administration of her superior who was hell bent on suspending her subordinates violating all norms of natural justice, coupled with her mother being critically ill, who she wanted to bring back to Delhi, hoping for a miracle, which was not to be. Chandigarh as a city keeps coming to her, the citizens keep communicating that they miss her, and perhaps, she too.

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