Kiran Bedi honoured with UN medal 2004

Kiran Bedi honoured with UN medal


UNITED NATIONS: India 's top woman cop Kiran Bedi, at present police advisor in the United Nations peacekeeping department, has been honoured with the UN medal for outstanding service.

Bedi, who has served in various capacities in India , was felicitated along with 22 other military and police officers serving with the world body on Friday. 

The medal was pinned by Assistant Secretary-General for peacekeeping operations Hedi Annabi at an impressive ceremony where the recipients were dressed in their national uniforms.  

Bedi has been with the world body for more than one and half years, overseeing the police component of the expanding peacekeeping operations.  

The United Nations observes May 29 as International Day for Peacekeepers. This year, ceremonies were held a day earlier as May 29 falls on a Saturday.  

Earlier, homage was paid to 64 peacekeepers, who have died in various operations last year. This brings the number of those killed while serving in UN peacekeeping operations since 1948 to 1,900.  

Currently, more than 53,000 unformed personnel and 11,000 civilian staff from 94 countries are serving with 15 peacekeeping missions. Their number would go up once missions to Burundi and Sudan are 

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