Mizoram is a beautiful state in the North East of India, very different from the plains where Kiran was brought up. The state is rooted in tribal culture, with Mizo as their language. Kiran was new to the place and did not know the local language. Through her Staff Officer acting as an interpreter, she reached her staff and the people. She lost no time in identifying the priorities and systemizing the Mizoram Police. Drugs trafficking, drug abuse and alcoholism were areas of real concern. She addressed it by correcting the basic policing through the police Beat System, opening of Beat Houses in far flung areas, Police Public coordinating forums within the towns as well as the borders, awareness programs, education, inter-agency joint training programs, rehabilitation by involving the organized community groups and the Church and tough enforcement including the problems of terrorist acts of the Hmars People Convention (an extremist group) who later surrendered and signed a peace agreement when they realized that the police will not relent.

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