Professional - Joint Commissioner of Police ( Training )
Mrs Kiran Bedi in MeditationAll through Kiran's career one sees a very persistent effort to continuously evolve, both for herself and for the organization she leads. This is exactly what she has done with her posting in the Police Training College since June 1998. She has transformed it from a neglected police training school to a fully equipped, techno savvy, innovative and a vibrant institution. The present Police training methodology and content is focussed on all aspects of training for the trainees. It enhances their physical prowess and equips them in professional and personal skills. Of the many recent additions have been courses on Cyber crimes, gender sensitization, workshops on Human Rights and Vipassana Meditation in which she and her faculty led the program. The bottomline was 'Let us learn to police ourselves first, before we police others'.
Work Books
Her faculty of police officers have all become authors and are writing workbooks on various subjects such as F.I.R., Crime against women, terrorism, suicide, drugs and psychotropic substances, the law of arrest and its legal appraisal, finger print service, field craft, human behavior etc.  Many more are on the way and so are the other innovations.







Joint Commissioner of Police (Traning), Delhi
Inspector General of Police, Chandigarh
Special Secretary to Lt.Governor, Delhi
Inspector General of Prisons, Tihar
Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mizoram
Deputy Commissioner, N.C.B
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic)
Deputy Commisioner of Police
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