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Kiran as Deputy Commissioner of Police (North), Delhi Police, in 1986 initiated de-addiction programs as a major step towards crime prevention. She set up detoxification centers at six police stations in her jurisdiction. All these centers were  community supported through professional services. The addicts were, mostly involved in crimes to sustain their drug habits and could not afford private medical treatment and flocked to her centers for treatment.
   This experiment was a remarkable success. The public support compelled it to be institutionalized and in 1988 she along with her colleagues from the police registered it as a Foundation called Navjyoti - Delhi Police Foundation for Correction, De-addiction and Rehabilitation. Kiran is the Founder General Secretary and continues to supervise it in an honorary capacity.
    The model of Navjyoti became an inspiration for other state police forces across the country. Navjyoti counselors and Kiran gave many presentations on how Navjyoti works and how police could play a positive role in drug prevention. Many state police forces including the National Police Academy included this concept in their training programmes. Navjyoti started sharing and today has spread its message in many different cities through its training and affiliation exchange programmes.
    Kiran in her personal capacity was awarded the Asia Region Award for maximum work done by any government servant in the field of drug abuse prevention in  the South Asian region. Simultaneously, Navjyoti received the National Award for its outstanding work.  Both the awards were given by the International Organization of Good Templars (IOGT), a Norwegian organization for the year 1989–91. Navjyoti won the award again for the year 1992. It has been accorded Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UN).  It was awarded the UN sponsored Serge Sotiroff Memorial Award for the year 1999 for its outstanding contributions in the field of international drug control.
    Since inception in 1987, Navjyoti has detoxified around 12000 drug addicts from Delhi and the neighboring states. Detoxification is induced through a multi-disciplinary treatment — medical, psycho social and environmental and has follow-up and ‘Community Out Reach’ programmes. The Navjyoti programme follows the principle of psycho social management, which is adhered to by a team of trained social workers, counselors, para professionals, yoga therapists and abusers who are recovering and physicians who practice homeopathic medicine, naturopathy and acupuncture.   Hence, the organization does not advocate the use of substitute substances, instead it practices total abstinence from all chemicals including those used for the purpose of detoxification.   Patients remain at Navjyoti center for a year.  All professional services are free of cost.  The patient only pays for his food to a food contractor.  For some patients, food comes from home.  Navjyoti supports only the poor.
    Navjyoti has institutionalized by organizing the family members of the recovering addicts as a Capable Group. They help themselves and others while assisting Navjyoti in after care services.

Other Projects 

    The foundation has expanded and has undertaken other projects too under its wings.  It provides vocational training to women from economically weaker sections and provides Family Counseling services to residents of a resettlement colony in Delhi as also in the rural outskirts of the city. Trying to address the root cause of all miseries in the urban slums — illiteracy, Navjyoti runs a Street Children Project in one of the largest slums of Delhi since 1986.  The foundation provides schooling till Class five and vocational training to the children. In order to expand its reach, the foundation also provides non formal education to the working children. In fact, the foundation offers a composite package for the development of the community in the slums, which also includes health care services and crèches for children.  Its contribution to the society has been acclaimed by the government of India and Navjyoti was conferred the State award for Child Welfare.
    Navjyoti was one of the first Non Governmental organizations which extended a helping hand in the reformative activities initiated at Tihar. It runs a crèche and a vocational training center for the female prisoners. Efforts are made by the foundation for rehabilitation of the released inmates.    
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