President’s Gallantry Award, 1979

Citation for the police medal for Gallantry

Shrimati Kiran Bedi,
Deputy Commissioner of Police
New Delhi

Statement of Service for which the Decoration has been awarded.

"On the 15th November, 1978, the Akalis organised a demonstration against teh Nirankaris who were holding a Samagam near India In order to prevent the demonstration proceeding to the Nirankari Sant smagam, Shrimati Kiran Bedi, Deputy Commissioner of Police was deployed with half a section of gas squad at C-hexagon on Ashoka Road. The demonstrators proceeded from Bangla Sahib Gurudwara to Windsor Place where they were stopped by police force and some them were arrested for violating the prohibitory order which had been promuglated under section 144 Criminal Penal Code. some ot the demonstrator broke the police cordon and proceeded towards India Gate. On reachng C-hexagon, they were stopped by Smt. Bedi In the meantime, on recieving informatio that abou 700 to 800 demonstrators had reached Ashoka Road with an intention to force their entry into the Samagam, she immediately left for the place of trouble and charged the demonstrators with a cane. At that time, she had only one platoon of police at her disposal. The demonstrators indulged in brick-batting. After successfully checking their advance, she came on C-hexagon crossing where she found that the number of demonstrators had increased from about 75 to 100. Despite police force and lack of support of tear gas squad, undeterred by these odds, she charged the demonstrators with a cane. One of the demonstrators ran towards her with a naked sword, but regardless of her personal safety, she charged the said demonstrator and others with the cane which ultimately succeeded in dispersing the demonstrators and restoring peace in the area.
Shrimati Kiran Bedi exhibited conspicuous courage and demonstration in controlling the unruly demonstrators at a grave personal risk to her life.
2. The award is made for gallantry under rule 4 (1) of the rules the award of Police Medal and consequently carries with its special allowance as admissible under rule 5, with effect from the 5th November, 1978."

The award brought her into the lime-light. After the Gallantry Award she was followed by media and received wide publicity. Media gave good coverage to whatever she did and whatever she said.

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