Spl. Secretary to LG, Delhi

Kiran's posting as Special Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor, Delhi was both prestigious and new for her. Here she was to assist the Lieutenant Governor, Delhi in city management. One of the tasks given to her was to facilitate grievance redressal and ensure that all agencies of the Delhi government delivered. Since this was not a serious concern earlier, there existed no infrastructure to respond in the manner Mr Tejendra Khanna, the new Lieutenant Governor wanted. Kiran in shortest possible time went about to set up a whole new system of grievance redressal which perhaps is a most comprehensive system devised by any governor's office in India. Without an existing law on Right to Information, the new system empowered the citizens to get their problems addressed. A comprehensive interactive system was set up called the Public Redressal Unit. It enabled any one reach the LG office through phone, mail, fax and even personally. Each matter was computerized, acknowledge, responded, referred, followed up, reviewed, test checked in selective cases and complainant informed of the outcome, before the matter was closed. Thereafter each unit's performance

The Lt. Governor met Citizen Wardens periodically.

was assessed and circulated. The redressal unit co-opted Citizen Warden's appointed by the Lieutenant Governor's office. They were eminent and concerned citizens who volunteered their time. During her tenure 64,403 matters were addressed to 71% satisfaction. People of the city remember this system. It was a road map to good governance.

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