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Traffic police postings came to Kiran in early years of her service. The challenge was huge; not only to attend the day to day traffic arrangements of the cities, but also organize the traffic planning of the ninth Asian Games in Delhi in 1982 and Common Wealth Heads of Government Meet in Goa in 1983 . In both the cities she and her team of officer's and men rose to the occasion and made her traffic units earn excellence. During the Asiad at Delhi, the team trained 1700 Home Guards and 1500 University students and at Goa, policemen from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka were trained as they needed special training for handling the VVIP traffic. 900 NCC cadets were specially trained at Goa for the CHOGM.  Common people were trained on Sundays by Inspector Sarab Pal Singh, specially called from the Delhi Police for the purpose to Goa.  Kiran found participative ways to deliver the services. The participation doubled her strength of deployment. She was unsparing in enforcing discipline on the roads. Due to presence of large number of cranes to remove wrongly parked vehicles - including that of the former Prime Minister, she was nicknamed 'Crane Bedi'. She reached out to all the sections of the society, whether senior citizens, students or children to understand and contribute to road safety. She rewarded honesty and co-operation to motivate others. She involved the Corporate sector in an extensive way to reach out services, both in Delhi and Goa, through innovative Traffic Assistance Booths, films, literature etc. Communication, Strong Vigilance, Co-ordination and Innovations were the hallmarks of her traffic tenure. The citizens of Delhi still remember her for this posting.

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